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How to Apply

Summary: Places in UWC are offered on a competitive basis. Several evaluators carefully review each application. From all eligible and complete applications, a short list is selected for group activities and individual interviews, which are held in Khartoum (exact date and location will be confirmed at a later stage). Travel support for candidates outside of Khartoum will be considered. Final Scholars are selected in February and travel to their colleges in August/September.

Selection and Nomination of Scholars: Once the Selection Process is complete, the Selection Committee in Sudan will nominate the selected Scholar for enrolment at the United World College. The Colleges support the discretion and opinion of the country-based Selection Committees, however, they reserve the right to question or reject a nomination. A transparent and competitive selection process, following the guidelines and values of the UWC organization, prevents these situations from occurring.

Please note: 

  • Only one application per year can be made to UWC. You cannot apply through two or more country   selections. 
  • Applicants with disabilities who are self-sufficient in their everyday needs are encouraged to apply.

This year, we are accepting your applications through SurveyMonkey. Please follow this link to create an account in SurveyMonkey and to input your personal information. You will be then guided to a page where you can download the application form. After you complete all four parts of the application form (FORM 1, FORM 2, FORM 3 and FORM 4), you can upload your scanned/typed form and other application requirements (birth certificate, ID and school reports) in the same platform. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at  

  يرجى اتباع هذا الرابط لإنشاء حساب في الموقع  ولإدخال معلوماتك الشخصية. سيتم توجيهك بعد ذلك إلى صفحة تنزيل إستمارة التقديم. بعد إكمال جميع الأجزاء الأربعة من إستمارة التقديم (إستمارة رقم  1، إستمارة رقم  2، إستمارة رقم  3، إستمارة رقم  4)، يمكنك تحميل الاستمارة المكتملة ومتطلبات التقديم الأخرى (شهادة الميلاد ، الهوية وتقارير المدرسة) في نفس الموقع.