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How to Apply

Step 1: Download and Complete Application

In order to accept your application, a complete application package should be emailed to

A complete application package must include:
1. A completed FORM 1 – STUDENT APPLICATION FORM signed by yourself and parents/guardians.
2. A completed FORM 2 – SCHOOL HEADMASTER REFERENCE FORM answered and signed by the
headmaster of your current school.
3. A completed FORM 3 – GENERAL REFERENCE FORM answered and signed by someone who knows
you very well who is not your parent/guardian or direct family member.
4. A copy of your Sudanese national identity card and/or passport.
5. A copy of your birth certificate.
6. Your school grades from the past 3 years signed by the Headmaster.
7. A copy of your most recent academic report (last semester or bimester)

Only one application per year can be made to UWC. You cannot apply through two or more country

Step 2: Assessment and Group Activities

Once your application has been submitted, from all eligible and complete applications, a short list is selected for group activities which is held in Khartoum (exact date and location will be confirmed at a later stage).
Travel support for candidates outside of Khartoum will be considered.

Step 3: Individual Interviews with our Finalists

The final stage of the selection process involves Individual interviews which are held in Khartoum (exact date and location will be confirmed at a later stage). 

Final Scholars are selected in February and travel to their Colleges in August/September.